About me

Giulia Barbone

I'mGiulia Barbone - It's nice to meet you.

Born and raised in Florence, I moved to Vienna in the summer of 2013, right after completing the Language High School in Italy, and I devoted myself to achieving excellent language skills and expertise in translation and interpreting. Vienna has since become my new home.

I completed my studies - a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in interpreting (specialisation in dialogue interpreting) - at the University of Vienna and have since been working as an interpreter and translator for Italian, German and English.

I specialised in the field of law, economy and contracts working for an international law firm in Vienna. Moreover, I’m acquainted with administrative procedures of the Austrian authorities and with the area of public service interpreting thanks to my experience as an interpreter for the Austrian Federal Police in Vienna and my academic research on institutional communication during counselling services in Austria.

Some of my most relevant experiences
Since April 2021

Self-employed interpreter and translator

Giulia Barbone language services
Translating and interpreting for and teaching languages to private persons, companies and the Austrian Federal Police Department in Vienna (registered public service interpreter).

Since March 2019

Secretary and Translator DE⇄IT⇄EN

Petsch Frosch Klein Arturo Rechtsanwälte OG
Translating legal texts (especially contracts), various language services and independent linguistic transfer for clients (e.g. explanation of technical terms or pleadings).

March 2019

Interpreting IT⇄DE

DL Garden srl
Linguistic support and interpreting at the stand of an Italian company for the duration of the exposition "Wohnen & Interieur".

February 2019

Interpreting and translating IT⇄DE

Ingrid Nairz Kollektionen
Interpreting at a construction site in the course of a complaint for defective goods from an Italian company to an Austrian trader and translation of the relevant correspondence.

May 2018

Translation project EN→IT

TREVENTUS Mechatronics GmbH
Translating the technical specifications of the product ScanRobot® for a call for tenders by the University of Pisa (Italy)